Industrial Personal Protection Solutions Remove harm for healthy life


3L Tex Co.,Ltd. founded in 2009, is a leading producer in tech yarn & textiles. Especially in silver, stainless steel, conductive yarn & Fabric which can be widely applicated in protective clothing and textile , Healthcare & Medical, Electronics, Military, Automobile industries.


By using R&D advantage and market service experience, 3L Tex Co.,Ltd. can be able to develop the products of our own intellectual property which is superior to market. The company can make customer-specific products too.


Shielding/Conductive Textiles The diversity of this parts' products include pure silver, Stainless steel, SSF/Cotton, Silver/Cotton, Nickel, and PET/copper/nickel.


  • RF shielding
  • Electrical conductive
  • Anti static
  • Thermal conductive
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti microbial
  • Fungicidal
Heat Resistant Textiles & Belting 100% pure Stainless Steel Based Textiles, Fabrics and Cloths for Glass & Other Industry:
Woven Tape/Belting, Woven Cloth, Felt, Knitted Cloth, Knitted Sleeve, Fiber & Yarns.
100% FeCral Fiber Fiber ,Yarn , Fabrics and Cloths for heating and heat resistant Industry.
Flame-retardant Textiles 100% meta-aramid, para-aramid, Stainless steel/Aramid, Preoxidation(PAN)/Aramid,IIIA, Viscose for FR Industry.